2014-02-12 14:30:08

New Edition of Fiat 500L Plus Larger European Engine Range

500L is anticipating the update to Beats Edition as well as the enrichment of engine options in European dealerships.

One of the distinguishing features of the new edition is an advanced audio system. The latter has been extensively used in the cabins of Chrysler and developed in cooperation with famous music producers. The exterior is also prominent in terms of design: now it comes in two tones and the option of matt or shining paint with the insertions of coloured chrome.

The cabin will come in exquisite black with red trimming.

Engine range of 500L is going to be enriched by two 120-hp variants. One of them is turbodiesel with the capacity of 1.6 litres producing 120 hp and torque of 236 lb-ft. Fiat markets this option as the best for effective fuel consumption.

Another variant is a gas unit for 1.4 litres enabling 120 hp and torque of 158 lb-ft. The turbocharged engine can also work on propane.

At the moment Fiat is considering only Europe for innovation introduction. However, the American customers will also have access to a kind of Beats Edition which includes the audio system and a V4 turbo engine for 1.4 litres producing 160 hp and torque of 184 lb-ft.