2018-08-28 15:30:54

Rare Ferrari sold for a very big money

Ferrari 250 GTO Coupe 1962 model year sold for $48.4 million.

This amount is $ 10.3 million more than the other 250 GTO sold 4 years ago.

Ferrari 250 GTO Coupe 1962 sold at auction house RM Sotheby's. The car is one of the most successful bolides of Italians. The machine, which was produced in the period 1962-1964, was made in the number of 36 copies.

In the compartment left the original engine, transmission, as well as the rear axle. For the Ferrari 250 GTO prepared a 3.0-liter 12-cylinder 300-hp unit. The engine functions with a 5-step MCP according to the "dog-leg" scheme.

By the way, the last owner of the car was the former leading Microsoft programmer Greg Whitten.