2017-10-31 23:30:13

Ferrari has improved the hypercar FXX-K

Ferrari has improved the hypercar FXX-K

In the Ferrari presented an improved version of the track super hybrid FXX-K with the prefix Evo.

The engineers of the company have improved the aerodynamic parameters of the car. Maximum Ferrari FXX-K Evo has a clamping force of 830 kg, which is 23% better than the simple FXX and 75% than LaFerrari.

Aerodynamics has grown through the use of an improved front-to-rear bumper, an additional air intake in front of the wheels and a vortex generator that is present on the bottom of the car. Also, the track hypercar entered a new fixed fixed wing with a massive rear spoiler. Plus, Italian engineers have remodeled the suspension of the vehicle.

Regarding improvements in the field of motors with transmissions, nothing is known. In the Ferrari FXX-K there is a hybrid unit, which consists of a 6.3-liter V12 unit, an electric motor, a battery pack and a 7-step "robot" with 2 clutches. The total power is 1050 hp.