2014-12-05 14:42:51

Ferrari FXX K Has Shown Itself for the First Time on Images

There is information that only 32 vehicles will be produced and all of them have already been sold for €2.2 million (without VAT).

According to an online disclosing yesterday, Ferrari has presented the track-oriented FXX K in Abu Dhabi at the Finali Mondiali of 2014.

The FXX K, an evolution of the road-going model LaFerrari, is the haughtiest horse which has been ever created. It is much similar to the previous radical Ferraris, for example, the 599XX and FXX. The model has obtained an enhanced aerodynamic body allowing the car to generate 540 kg (or 1,190 lbs) of downforce at 124 mph (or 200 km/h).

At the time when standard LaFerrari produces a combined 800 hp (or 588 kW) and torque of 700 Nm (or 516 lb-ft), its track relative has been upgraded to unleash an extraordinary 1,050 hp (or 772 kW) and torque of 900 Nm (or 664 lb-ft) supplied by an 860 hp twelve-cylinder powertrain and a 190 hp electric propulsion.

There is no information about the price of the vehicle, but it is known that the automaker will produce only several vehicles. It looks like they will be sold exclusively to LaFerrari obtainers.