2014-06-19 14:56:39

Compact 458 from Ferrari Might Appear with Turbo Six-Cylinder

Continuation of turbo line for Ferrari 458 seems to be a done deal, and as a pleasant bonus we might see a compact and more powerful offering.

The mentioned car would be of smaller size and lower cost. With a short wheelbase drivers will get quite decent 6 cylinders in a twin-turbo motor. Marketing plan of the luxury brand implies combining niches. Implementation of this idea in practice can be seen in McLaren’s actions with P13. If the model is to appear, it will definitely be smaller by all parameters than the outgoing offering. Manual gearbox is a likely possibility for it.

Turbo six-cylinder engine of the future car might have the volume of 2.9 litres which is planned with the view of tax benefits in some marketing regions. If Audi managed to crank out 525 hp from 0.4 litres and one cylinder less, the Italian brand known for its heavy output might easily develop something in 500-hp area with its six cylinders.