2014-12-15 15:05:57

458 FXX Speciale A from Ferrari Envisioned as an Only-Track 458 Speciale Aperta

Evren Milano has turned back with one more outstanding rendering of a probably only-track Ferrari variant.

His envisioning of a convertible variant FXX K was shown last week. Now he shares his ideas about a track version of the 458-Speciale Aperta. The car has name 458 FXX Speciale A. It can be characterized with small wings at the rear part which are alike the ones in the FXX K, a large back diffuser, larger wheels and, probably, a stripped-out cabin.

The regular 458 Speciale Aperta has gained an eight-cylinder 4.5-litre naturally aspirated powerplant which can produce 605 hp (or 445 kW) at 9,000 rpm and torque of 540 Nm (or 398 lb-ft) at 6,000 rpm. On the other side, the hybrid FXX K, which is the most powerful manufacturing of Ferrari, has a top output of 1050 hp (or 772 kW) thankfully to a twelve-cylinder powerplant producing 860 hp (or 633 kW) and an electric motor producing 190 hp (or 140 kW). Knowing these numbers the 458 FXX Speciale A might be put between the two versions and produce near 700 hp (or 515 kW), but it does not look like to happen.