2016-01-28 14:58:08

Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 will be Phased out in 1.5 Year

The CEO at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles revealed that the brand will phase out its Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200.

Revealing the automaker’s business plan update, the CEO stated that FCA is going to shift its focus to crossovers and trucks. The Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 will run their course in particular. These models will be phased out in 18 months. This decision does not allow launching a Dart SRT that was supposed to have a four-wheel drive and turbocharged motor.

The choice to abandon the mid-size sedan market is unexpected. However, Fiat Crysler Automobiles is sure that customer interest in crossovers is a “permanent shift in demand”. According to the company, low petrol prices are considered as a permanent position now.

FCA has also stated about its exploring partnership chances to address midsize and compact vehicle slots.