2017-08-13 15:33:42

Indonesia, Meet Datsun Go Live Concept!

Datsun has made it to the Jakarta motor show held in Indonesia to present the Go Live concept and to preview the next-gen of the company’s range.

Even though the re-born Datsun brand is no longer present in the Australian market, it has proven being popular in numerous developing markets (for example India and Indonesia). It is offered as a budged model there.

The automaker developed the Go Live in response to the growing number of young Indonesians taking to tuner scene and customisation.

Being based on the regular Datsun Go, the concept has got a set of refreshments to appeal to the “freestyle” nature of young Indonesian drivers.

The car features a “camouflage-style” exterior finish. It reminds of nowadays fashion trends by its colours and patterns. Bright yellow highlights help the diminutive hatchback to be more distinctive.

The car featured 17-inch alloys, an aggressive-styled body kit, an outstanding hexagonal front enclosure, a big rear spoiler and headlamp treatment. Large doors and high roofline were preserved.