2015-12-08 13:38:25

Wait for the Citroen E-MEHARI Next Spring

Citroen has revealed the innovated E-MEHARI.

We remind you that the Cactus M concept previewed the model under consideration. The E-MEHARI was created together with the Bolloré Group. The vehicle is based on the Bolloré Bluesummer convertible. However, the car still reminds of a Citroen thankfully to its Cactus-inspired alloys, front fascia and body cladding.  The 3-seat convertible boasts a removable roof, a thermoformed plastic body and a silver windscreen.

The automaker did not share much information about what the vehicle has prepared for us inside. The clients have an opportunity to order orange-red or beige upholstery. The car benefits from waterproof plastic-coated fabric and a folding rear bench seat.

The E-MEHARI is equipped with an electric motor producing 67 bhp (50 kW or 68 PS) and a 30 kWh battery. The vehicle is able to travel 124 miles (or 200 km) and reach a top speed of 68 mph (or 110 km/h). After the disengaging of the battery, the owner will need 8 hours or 13 hours to recharge it (8 hours will be enough for a 16A socket and 13 hours will be good for a 10A socket).

The Citroen E-MEHARI will be gathered together at the PSA Peugeot Citroën factory that is located in France. The vehicle is scheduled to come out next spring.