2018-01-31 19:28:08

Spies Caught 2019 DS3 Crossback

Spies Caught 2019 DS3 Crossback

The DS3 Crossback from Citroen has been caught in the snow. Get a chance to have a sneak peak at the 1st PSA Group product constructed on the innovated CMP platform.

The CMP was announced in 2017. It will underpin the Peugeot 208. It was launched together with a variant created to support electrified powerplants.

The unit has range of 450 km and an ultra-fast charging set-up. It delivers 12 km of driving per minute of charging. The e-CMP underpinnings will be the base for 4 fully electric cars.

When the electric DS3 Crossback will be launched in 2019, it should produce 84 kW and have a 50 kWh battery.