2019-06-28 18:06:03

Cheap versions of Chrysler Pacifica will be giving a different name

Chrysler will be selling the Voyager model in the United States from 2020, which is essentially the initial version of one volumetric Pacifica.

We add that for the purchase of such a car will be available only to corporate clients.

Chrysler Voyager was implemented in the United States until 2007, after which it replaced by the Pacifica minivan. The latter had two variations, which differ in the level of equipment and appearance. The cheapest option sold with a different bumper in the front, a dummy seat upholstery, and without chrome decorative parts. It is this variation of the car and will provide the name, Voyager.

It equipped with a climate Voyager and IRS with a display of 7 inches. The engine will be a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar, powered by a 9-band automatic transmission. The possible price of a car will be at least $28,730.