2021-07-29 20:37:59

The 1,000-horsepower Chevrolet Camaro unveiled for Hennessey's 30th anniversary

A hardcore limited edition model created by Hennessey. The name of the car has a strong effect - Exorcist.

Hennessey promises to put 1000 "horses" into the car for the company's 30th anniversary. The model's price will be at least $135,000, and its differences will be memorable logos and a unique red and black paint scheme. Each car will be given a special build number.

The new car will get an upgraded supercharger, an induction air system, and a special camshaft with a stock Exorcist. Improved valve springs, intake ports, lifters, and stems are also expected.

The car's performance with the power of 1000 "horses" will not change, which means that the top speed will be 350 km/h, which allows accelerating to the first hundred km per hour in 2.1 seconds.