2019-01-21 20:02:37

From Lego made a real Chevrolet Silverado

Since the cartoon 'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part', Chevrolet decided to create a full-size version of the Silverado pickup.

18 specialists were able to fully recreate the car in the special version of the 1500 LT Trail Boss, which took more than 2 thousand hours to build.

Development and creation of Lego-version of Silverado fell on the 'shoulders' of the so-called LEGO Master Builders. They are specialists in assembling complex constructors based in the company's store in Enfield, Connecticut, USA. The height of the pickup truck was made at the level of 182.9 cm, the length was slightly more than 6 m, with a width of 243.8 cm. In total, 334 544 Lego cubes were involved.

Lego-copy Silverado has working lights, the body has acquired graphic elements, like a real car.