2017-05-22 16:52:17

Details On Corvette ZR1 Engine

People who dreamt of dual overhead camshafts in the future Corvette ZR1 are probably disappointed after a discovery in General Motors’ ordering system.

The unit has to be presented sometime next year. It should also bring forth an innovated supercharged 6.2-litre LT5 V8.

It was found out that the LT5 will have variable valve timing, aluminium construction, direct injection and a supercharger.

Actually the LT5 can be just an LT4 with a larger blower placed between the banks. General Motors is believed to tap Eaton for the supercharger supply. In this case, it could choose the brand’s latest TVS-R2650. That is a more refined bigger variant of the LT4’s 4-lobe unit.

It was reported earlier that the LT5 will be naturally aspirated.