2017-12-27 22:07:17

Chevrolet will complete the auto production of the Volt

Concern GM planned to finish until 2022 with the serial auto production of the electric Chevrolet Volt.

The car will be replaced by an electric, but officially this has not been said. By the way, sales of Chevrolet Volt started in 2010. The car has a 1.4-liter ethanol-petrol motor with an electric motor. "Hundred" is given for 8.5 seconds, the maximum speed - 161 km / h.

Over the past year, the company sold about 25,000 copies of Volt. For the entire year 2017, the figure will definitely drop. Earlier GM stopped producing Cadillac ELR, as its sales were very low. We add that the platform of this machine serves as the basis for Volt. Representatives of General Motors have repeatedly said that until 2023 they will make and launch about 20 new products on electricity.