2016-07-20 15:57:20

New Models in Cadillac Line-Up in 2018

Cadillac still wants to achieve huge sales numbers. However, new offerings and coming-soon range upgrades might change that.

In 2 years we should expect the pioneer of 3 new nameplates, states a report from Automotive News. The first one should wear name the XT3. It is believed to be a compact crossover rivalling the Q3 from Audi and X3 from BMW. Meanwhile a subcompact XT2 will compete with the X1 and GLA is also coming.

The automaker will aim at the crossover segment. Probably an entry-level CT3, the rival of CLA from Mercedes, will be put on hold. This model is supposed to be placed under the ATS.

The ATS will probably be called a CT4 in the second part of 2018. The CTS will be replaced by an updated CT5 that will come in 3 years.

The FWD XTS will disappear till 2019. We know that the CT6 should receive a plug-in hybrid variant at the beginning of 2017. In 2019 it will get refreshment.

There are rumours about a mid-engined GM sports vehicle. Probably it will be a Corvette. It will go out somewhere in 2021.