2017-01-06 18:47:35

Get A Subscription for Access to Cadillacs: $1,500 Per Month

Cadillac has presented a new subscription option. It is called BOOK.

If you sign, you will receive access to a range of Platinum Trim Cadillacs, such as the V series CTS and ATS as well as the Escalade, XT5 and CT6. This access will cost $1,500 per month. The service will be launched in NYC.

BOOK members will receive an application that allows them ordering a vehicle. The car will be delivered by a concierge to any chosen location. Then the owner can exchange the vehicle. In such a way, if you own a CTS V this weekend, you can change it for an Escalade for the week. The automaker offers even more: you can keep the Escalade in winter time and ride the CTS in summer.