2013-04-08 11:32:41

Cadillac CTS Coupe and Wagon delayed, ATS Coupe showed

Cadillac has showed brand new 2014 CTS sedan, the fate of the CTS coupe and wagon will be debated.

The main aim of the new CTS sedan is to take high place in the middle luxury section, allowing the ATS to focus on the entrance to middle luxury section such as the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. According to the sources that are close to the American luxury auto brand, the CTS coupe and wagon will be constructed alongside the new sedan for “at least one year,” but it is likely that in a year, two vehicles will be suspended.

No surprise that the wagon, taking into the consideration its sales was faint. Previous year, the wagon took only 7% of all CTS sales and the biggest part of sales was taken by high-performance V cars. As for a sportive Cadillac coupe, it will come in the form of an ATS model. Splendid and elegant sports vehicle will give an opportunity to the American auto brand to compete against other popular coupes such as the approaching BMW 4-Series.

So if you want to get a CTS coupe or wagon, you should act fast. That’s just a matter of time before they become a history.