2016-11-21 17:52:56

New Family of Plug-in Hybrids from Buick Velite

The Buick Velite isn’t a Chevrolet Volt.

The Buick Velite concept turned out not to be a version of the Volt for Chinese market. Though, it is a part of the company’s new Buick Blue initiative.

The vehicle’s design is far from the current automaker’s styling language. The car is sporty, intelligent, efficient and environment-friendly.

You will find a high-performance plug-in hybrid electric powerplant in the car. There also is General Motor’s latest intelligent electric drive set-up along with a lithium-ion battery. According to Buick, this technology will be found in the next PHEV car.

Inside the cabin you will find an integrated design along with recycled details. The cabin is a connected hot-spot. It offers a cloud-based storage, operation via application and services.