2013-04-22 16:15:59

Buick Riviera Presented at China Auto Show

Holographic, extravagant doors and wireless Internet -- that isn't old man’s Buick; General Motors unveiled the Buick Riviera at the Shanghai auto event this week.

The Riviera model is a plug-in hybrid car, and GM's Shanghai head, Ye Yongming, informs the Rivera provides a preview of Buick's next design step.

Constructors used the "Riviera" name as inspiration for the coupe's core, using sweeping stripes that are meant to resemble a running river.

It sports extravagant doors, a raked windshield, active grille walls and diffusers, and non-stop pneumatic wheels.

Powertrain details haven't been presented, but the model could be driven in all-electric mode, and can be re-charged with a common cable or wirelessly with the help of a sensor panel on the vehicle's chassis.

Safety details include a system that collects traffic stats through 10 high-resolution cameras and 18 mini sensors for distance observation. After that, the data is presented in a holographic picture onto the windshield. Moreover, smart driver help system incorporates an eagle view record option, night-view, blind-zone alert system, lane-departure-warning system, full-speed range-adaptive cruise control option, lane-change help system, parking-assist system, rear cross-traffic alert system, autopilot option and "transparent" A pillars.

If this is a real sign of what's up coming from Buick, we are more than interested.