2020-09-29 17:56:11

Buick Electra SUV has a "space" design

The Auto China 2020 Auto Show marks the debut of the Buick Electra concept car.

The electric SUV features butterfly-wing doors, showing what the company's future green cars will look like and new technologies. The theme of space inspires the design of the vehicle.

The design language is called potential energy. The novelty has 23-inch wheels and aerodynamic design, illuminating the space around the LED matrix optics, consisting of "parametric mathematical strings."

There is no traditional front panel underneath the transparent dome, as the main element here is a curved screen with a high pixel density. The steering wheel folds down as the autopilot is inside. The seats on graceful supports seem to "float" in the air. Inserts in the color "cuprous gold" recreate the "cosmic atmosphere."

The show car has a remote air conditioning system, backlighting, a rear electric mirror, a projection screen with augmented reality technology, and an intelligent voice assistant.

The basis of the Buick Electra concept car is a scalable electric platform with a 2-motor Ultium Drive unit producing 435 kilowatts (591 hp). The novelty gains the first 100 km per hour in 4.3 seconds. The power source is the Ultium battery with a wBMS wireless control system. On one charge, the electric car will travel 660 km.

The show car is technology-rich in the V2X protocol (transfer of information among vehicles and infrastructure facilities) and can pave the way "from door to door."