2014-06-09 12:54:30

2015 Verano from Buick Restyled and Turned Automatic

As manual gearbox is perceived rather as obsolete solution, automatic transmission adepts welcome another member – next year’s Buick Verano.

Although Verano Turbo is also unavailable with manual transmission, other technological options are meant to make the parting with it easier. Thus, next year’s Buick’s auto will support 4G LTE custom called OnStar plus Wi-Fi connectivity. Three-month availability of services is “on the house” for customers.

Apart from extending of technological possibilities of the vehicle, Buick decided to change the paint scheme adding a shiny dark blue option. Clients who prefer their vehicles to reflect their fashion taste might try a Convenience and Leather kit implying a stylish design with chrome grille. Colour schedule for such a package is light grey.

Powerplant of the vehicle is completely carryover. Standard engine of 2015 Verano is inline-four with the volume of 2.4 litres developing 180 hp and torque of 171 lb-ft. Turbo modification is also available with compact turbo V4 producing 70-hp and almost 100-lb-ft advantage. Automatic gearbox unites the engines with six speed option.