2018-01-31 19:27:08

Teaser Of Lego Technic Chiron From Bugatti

Teaser Of Lego Technic Chiron From Bugatti

Be prepared to see a new Lego kit! Bugatti showed a teaser of Technic set for the Chiron.

The teaser footage does not show much of the offering. Judging from the engine size, the unit will impress you!

The Technic line is reserved for some of the brand’s most impressive and complex kits. Currently Porsche 911 GT3 RS represents such models. Its price is $299.99. It includes 2,704 pieces. The brand says it should take 6 hours to ensemble them.

After the ensemble is complete, you will see 6 inches tall, 22 inches long and 9 inches wide vehicle.

The Chiron kit should come out sometime later this year.