2019-11-19 19:22:29

Bugatti will create an 'affordable' counterpart to the Chiron hypercar

The leadership of Bugatti negotiated with Volkswagen regarding the possible development of a new product, which will turn out even more comfortable and affordable Chiron.

Company director Stefan Winkelman stated this to Bloomberg.

He said that Bugatti has been able to make "good money" lately, allowing raising the topic of finance for a new project so that it brings extra money. Winkelman said that the conviction of Volkswagen management would not have to wait long.

Rumors insist that a four-seater electric grand tourer or an SUV will cost 500,000 - 1,000,000 euros. Today, Bugatti produces about a hundred cars annually, but the new vehicle will allow it to raise the volume of car production to 600-700 cars a year.