2020-07-27 19:46:57

Bugatti showed a children's car for 58,500 euros

Bugatti has developed the Baby II baby car. A total of 500 of these machines should appear at a minimum price of 30 thousand euros.

The top-end car will cost 58,500 euros. The design of the new items resembles Baby, built in the 1920s (this is a small copy of Type 35).

Baby II is intended for children over 14 years old. Customers can choose from 4 versions of the vehicle. The first modification was taught to accelerate to 20 km/h and equipped with a car electric motor with a power of 1.3 hp.

Baby II Expert version has a 5.4 hp electric motor. The maximum speed on a children's car can be up to 45 km/h. After that comes the Vitesse with a carbon body and a 13.4 hp engine. Such a car accelerates to 70 km/h. The top-end Pur Sang has a similar setup, but the differences lie in the hand-assembled aluminum case. Each copy of the model was created over 200 hours.

Each version of the car is available only with rear-wheel drive, and without recharging, you can drive 25-50 km. The Baby II also has a limited-slip differential with a hydraulic brake system.