2020-01-08 19:43:16

Bugatti decided to show a photo of the new hypercar

Bugatti posted on Instagram a photo of an unknown model in a dense cover.

According to the comment under the photograph, '2020 is the year of the Bugatti.' Thus, the automaker hinted at the appearance of a new hypercar.

It remains unknown whether this will turn out to be a completely new model or a specific variation of Chiron. The most predicted option is La Voiture Noire. The model is considered an ultra-expensive hypercar. The debut of its prototype took place in Geneva 2019.

Most likely, in 2020, Bugatti will show a full La Voiture Noire. The novelty will appear in one copy, and it will become the most expensive Bugatti machine in the whole world - the price will reach 11 million euros. The high price tag is due to exclusivity and handmade details.

The hypercar is driven by an 8-cylinder engine with four turbochargers with a capacity of 1,500 hp. and 1600 Nm.