2019-03-18 20:03:23

Bugatti decided not to produce an SUV

Bugatti is preparing for the release of the second model.

Company Director Stefan Winkelman said that the new product will become a more affordable alternative to Chiron for everyday driving. Another new car could be the 1st electric model for the Bugatti.

It remains unclear which platform will become the basis for this car, as well as the character with the power plant. In the company' management said that they want to leave a balance of dynamics and comfort in an electric car. Bugatti is already analyzing the prospects of a potential model in the markets, but no one has yet been able to voice the premier terms.

Now the Bugatti lineup includes one model called Chiron. Hypercar provided 3 versions: standard, Chiron Sport, as well as the anniversary Chiron Sport 110 and Bugatti.