2018-08-27 22:29:53

Bugatti Divo appeared in all glory

Bugatti declassified the Divo Hypercar at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The car was named after the famous French racer Albert Divo, and it will appear in the amount of 50 copies.

The novelty was made on the basis of the Chiron model, but it was introduced completely new front body with a wider spoiler, as well as increased air intakes.

Divo equipped with side skirts, rear spoiler, acting as an aerodynamic brake, at the same time removing some noise insulation, but adding a carbon-fiber intercooler, lightweight rims, and also brand new audio. The weight of the car reached the figure of 1996 kg.

Power installation in the car did not change. The Divo is driven by an 8.0-liter 1500-horsepower W16 unit. With it, hypercar is submitted the "hundred" in 2.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is 380 km per hour.

Bugatti Divo is estimated at 5 000 000 euros. Each of 50 copies of the novelty is sold out.