2019-08-16 20:36:51

Announced 8-millionth hypercar from Bugatti

The Bugatti showed the first teaser of the latest hypercar, which will appear in a limited edition. Ten such models expected at 8 million euros per copy price.

The debut of the car will take place on August 16 in California, where the annual The Quail festival will take place.

According to rumors, the French will show a modern interpretation of EB110, which released in 1991 on the 110th anniversary of the founder of Bugatti Ettore Bugatti.

In the standard version of the GT, the mid-engine coupe will be provided with a 3.5-liter V12 with four turbines with a power of 553 horsepower along with a 6-speed "mechanics." Bugatti EB110 picks up "a hundred" in 3.5 seconds at a top speed of more than 340 km/h.

The modern Bugatti EB110 will receive the Chiron hypercar with a 1,500-horsepower 7.0-liter W16 with four turbocharged compressors. The car can accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, and as much as possible "for safety reasons" they limited the speed to 420 km/h.