2016-01-04 14:07:14

A New Teaser of Bugatti Chiron

A New Teaser of Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti has shown one more teaser of its Chiron. The video has nothing to deal with revealing the vehicle.

Well, teasers are not made to show the vehicle, but the automaker could have given something more precise. The Chiron will be introduced in Geneva this March. The new clip speaks about the most powerful and luxurious, exclusive and the fastest production super sports vehicle around the globe.

The producer refers to the car’s 0-62 mph (or 0-100 km/h) run and top speed. The vehicle is able to sprint in only 2.2 seconds. Its maximum velocity stands at 290 mph (or 467 km/h). The car will be equipped with the 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 motor with electrical assistance boosting the output to 1.500 hp. Meanwhile torque will stay the same at 1,107 pound-feet (or 1,500 Nm).

The automaker wants to produce only 500 cars along with the Chiron Targa rumoured to appear in 2018. It has been confirmed that more than 130 clients already lined up to buy the coupe. It will cost approximately $2.19M. Therefore, the open-top offering will cost even more.

Next month the automaker might show us an official online reveal of the model.