2014-03-25 19:33:10

CLA 45 AMG from Mercedes-Benz Modified by Brabus

Once again Brabus team has dealt with CLA-Class cars, now aiming at the successful AMG offering.

Quite logically, the first thing altered was the power of the car: a turbocharged V4 with the displacement of 2.0 litres gained almost 100 points in both horsepower and torque figures. Such an upgrade enabled the vehicle to crest the 60-mph mark 0.2 seconds faster than previously now needing 4.2 seconds for such acceleration.

Design aspects were also taken into consideration by the tuning programme. Thanks to Brabus the coupe gained certain savour due to red insertions on the bumpers well fitting the body kit. Wheels are now offered in several modifications. Large popularity can be predicted for alloy ones 19 inches in diameter with rims of black and red creating a seamless ensemble with the colour solution of mirrors and grille.