2014-05-01 15:44:08

Brabus Version of G500 Convertible from Mercedes-Benz

Two- and three-door G500 convertible cars from Mercedes-Benz have obtained a new look opportunity thanks to Brabus team.

Innovations brought by the design house are already seen in the front with the bumper sporting new lighting, including brake light working on LED. Rear bumper was also tuned and got an artificial diffuser. Exterior of the convertible SUV adopted new steel elements, remodelled grille and peculiar wheel arches. Brabus also threw in a spare wheel and finished the body in shiny black.

A look within the car reveals adherence to the same colour. Leather of the seats is perforated and steering wheel echoes sport styling. Interior is wisely equipped with carbon insertions. Brabus manifests its presence in other decoration elements.

Not only design but also technical aspects of G500 Convertible were revised. Thus, new propulsion will offer 455 hp and torque of 453 lb-ft. Such power comes at a price – the car will last for very modest 14.1 mpg within city circle emitting carbon dioxide at the rate of 348 g/km.