2019-02-15 19:30:46

The fastest Bentley all-terrain truck in the world

Bentley told about the 'hot' version of Bentayga SUV, which got the name Speed.

The public premiere of a new product, which, like said in the company, is 'the fastest SUV in the world,' will be held in Geneva.

The car got an improved 6.0-liter petrol W12 with 2 turbines with a power of 636 hp. The motor received a returned control unit, and it works with an upgraded 8-speed 'automatic.' The maximum car accelerates to 306 km/h. 'Hundred' is achieved in 3.9 seconds.

Design Bentayga Speed ​​has changed minimally. Cross got 22-inch wheels and 'darkened' optics. Salon pleased with new seats with Alcantara.