2020-01-11 16:57:14

Bentley has changed sales leader

Bentayga SUV is now not the most popular in the Bentley line.

In 2019, Bentley’s best-selling car was Continental GT Grand Tourer, which managed to overtake Bentayga in sales.

The official report on the sales of the British last year says that they managed to sell 11,006 cars in 12 months, which is 5% more than in 2018. The exact figures for the Continental GT and Bentayga circulations are unknown, but they report a 54% increase in sales and 18%, respectively.

They sell the Bentley Continental GT in a coupe and convertible bodies. The latest addition was the version of the model with a 500-horsepower V8, which is an alternative to the 635-horsepower W12.

The main car markets of Bentley are North and South America (together 2,913 sold cars), Europe (2,670 cars), China (1940 cars), and the UK 1,492 (cars).