2013-07-17 11:49:14

Bentley Continental GT3 Drops More than 2,000 lbs, Provides 600-HP

The most breathtaking looking race vehicle, Bentley has today unveiled full specs on its marvelous Continental GT3.

Trying to save weight, the legendary W12 has been passed over in favor of the fresh turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 motor, which in the race vehicle has been pushed to an astonishing 600 hp.

That output is enough to make for outstanding performance stats in even the road vehicle, but this track machine will provide next-level performance thanks to a dramatic weight loss. A porker by any standards, constructors were able to reduce 2,200 lbs of weight from the overall model. Hence, the Continental GT3 is under its target weight of 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs).

Part of the weight losses comes from leaving the AWD system that’s equipped on the road vehicle, instead transferring power to the rear wheels using a carbon fiber driveshaft and a 6-speed Xtrac sequential transmission.

Inside, the fine wood and exceptional leather may have been removed but Bentley insists its will a hand-crafted masterpiece, with the steering wheel, door pulls and seat all hand-trimmed by the company’s experts at its plant in Crewe.

“The Continental GT3 provides the incredible performance beneath the skin of every Continental GT,” informed Bentley engineering Chief Rolf Frech. “We’ve slashed over 1000 kg of weight, reset our 4.0-litre V8 to provide 600 bhp in race specification, and upgraded a comprehensive aerodynamic package to ensure that we perform competitively. We can’t wait until we get the vehicle on the track and prove its power.”

The Bentley Continental GT3 will be uncovered at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend and will take part in the event’s hill climb. From there it will be tested in preparation for its first races later this year as Bentley gets ready for a full season of races in the 2014 FIA Blancpain Series.