2017-05-30 15:06:05

Bentley Adds New Perk for Current Proprietors

Bentley proprietors can now decline leasing an auto when they're voyaging.

The new organization is called Bentley on Demand and it offers current proprietors another luxury related flexibility advantage. It will be at first attempted in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas this mid year, however Bentley ensures more urban regions will take after later on. The organization empowers Bentley proprietors to request a Bentley while voyaging or if they require a substitute Bentley for an exceptional occasion. It's a bespoke, related, and approach to-portal profit that will enable customers to avoid the trouble and interference of "regular" (read: not bougie enough) rental auto organizations.

Bentley on Demand is open to current proprietors as a specialist benefit on the Bentley Orchestrate application. Proprietors can download the application from the Apple Application store, support their record, and pick which Bentley vehicle they require from a "wide lavishness naval force."

As a noteworthy part of the organization, the specialist will clear up and show the auto's components upon transport. Once the reservation as completed, a comparative specialist will meet the customer at their favored territory to accumulate the auto.