2016-01-05 13:28:13

200-Million-Year-Old Stone was used by Bentley to create a Dash Veneer

Bentley’s clients owning Mulliner-built Flying Spur and Bentley Continental offerings can obtain a spec stone veneer trim in the cabin of their vehicles.

The slate and quartzite veneers are only 0.1 mm in thickness. They are an alternative to conventional trims such as metal or wood.

The material is indeed so thin that it allows seeing the stone’s natural grain and pattern. It was hand-finished in four paints: Terra Red, Galaxy, Autumn White and Copper.

It is known that the stone veneer was made of blocks that had been forming for 200 million years. Bentley orders such finish for its vehicles for the first time.

The director of Mulliner Operations says that the brand is trying to explore new, rare and fine materials to offer them for the clients. Stone veneers are just the first step in what they are planning to do with that high-end and outstanding material.

The automaker’s bespoke coachbuilding division, Mulliner, allows clients ordering vehicles with outstanding specifications. The customers can choose from several options. The dash fascia can be entirely covered in stone or its sections of trim inside the cabin can be composed of the material. The price will differ according to the amount specified in every order.