2019-05-23 16:23:52

Official: Audi will launch the ultra-luxury A8 flagship

Audi has confirmed that they will have a super-slim version of the flagship sedan A8.
The novelty will be competing for Mercedes-Maybach cars. They are such states at the annual meeting of shareholders of the concern.
Most likely, a brand new sedan will appear with the revived name Horch (such a brand in the period 1904-1932. Engaged in the production of premium cars). It differs from the standard version of the Audi A8 Horch with broader functionality of the essential equipment and company logos located on the wings in the front and central body racks.
Preliminary data says that the sedan will provide an improved 6.0-liter W12. This unit is at the top cross Bentayga Speed, where it gives 636 hp.
Audi A8 Horch should appear immediately with an updated model, which will be presenting in 2 years.