2019-07-19 15:50:44

Audi prepares cutting-edge optics

New lighting technology in Audi cars has the most advanced electronics.

Osram Continental demonstrated headlamps that provide more detail than current multipath headlights. The system will not dazzle drivers in the opposite direction.

Headlamp prototypes tested in the Audi A6 received 8,092 light pixels, as well as individual control on 8 LED chips. The novelty allows you to automatically disable specific chips when the oncoming vehicle approaches or an obstacle found at the edge of the roadway.

The head of the prospective development department at Osram Continental, Michael Rosenauer, told the media that a project created for about three years. An increase in the level of detail with the number of pixels on the module (25 thousand, not today's 1024) plans soon.