2021-03-16 19:28:52

Audi is done with the development of gasoline and diesel engines

Audi has decided to finish work on developing traditional gasoline and diesel engines of the new generation entirely. 

Automobilewoche writes about it, referring to the company's chief engineer Markus Dussmann.

Audi will continue to improve the current internal combustion engines to meet new economic standards in European countries. Bringing the engines up to Euro-7 standards that will start working in 2025 will be highly challenging.

Dussmann criticized the aggressive EU policy regarding tightening CO2 emissions, adding that clean engines' environmental benefits are minimal and costly to upgrade engines.

Audi's latest "big" classic motor is the famed 6.0-liter W12 gasoline engine. The engine will appear in the most luxurious variation of the A8 flagship - this sedan will come in the name of the revived Horch brand.