2021-08-25 10:59:57

Audi announces premiere date for a flagship with hinged doors

Audi is gearing up for the debut of the 2nd show car in the Sphere series.

After Skysphere roadster, the Grandsphere 4-door coupe flagship will make its debut - this car will be the biggest in the lineup. The novelty is equipped with hinged doors, a rear sofa, seat two passengers, and a panoramic top. The electric car concept will debut on September 2.

The Grandsphere will get a large panoramic roof and a 2+2 seating arrangement, and the center armrest will wow with a digital panel. The highlight of the car is the rear doors that open counterclockwise.

Grandsphere will have a minimalist interior with Level 4 autopilot and a function to remember the preferences of the driver and passengers.