2019-06-24 17:24:25

Audi SQ8: sports coupe with a crossover view

Audi SQ8: sports coupe with a crossover view

Audi declassified the 'hot' version of the Q8 coupe-cross, which was given the letter 'S' to the name.

The car is driven by a V8 diesel engine with two supercharged engines. There is also an air suspension adaptive type with adjustable stiffness. The diesel itself is an 8-cylinder unit of 4.0 liter, with dual combined supercharging, developing 431 horsepower with 900 Nm of peak torque.

Another power unit SQ8 supplemented hybrid system. ICE came to the aid of a motor-generator on electricity with a power of 8 kW. The 8-speed ZF automatic transmission works with him, and the traction is distributed to the wheels by the brand-name Quattro four-wheel drive system, the proportions are 60:40. The first 100 km/h dial SQ8 in 4.8 seconds at a maximum power of 250 km/h.

For SQ8, an adaptive air suspension is prepared with shock absorbers, the rigidity of which can be adjusted. The option is a fully-controlled base with swivel wheels at the back, as well as an optional sport package.