2013-07-22 13:24:14

Audi Compact Crossover to be Offered in 2016 or 2017

Planning to rival with BMW’s front-wheel drive compact crossover, Audi might soon provide a utility model based on the A3 sedan. 

Audi will soon release a sedan variant of the A3 in North America based on parent company VW’s ”MQB” modular structure, but plans are likely wider for the diverse architecture.

A concept vehicle is being manufactured by Audi’s constructors, and according to a report from Automotive News, the vehicle could offer seating for up to even 7. The automaker still hasn’t decided whether or not it will present the model during the Frankfurt Auto Show, which will take place in early September.

Actually, the vehicle is being named the “elevated space vehicle,” although an official name hasn’t been agreed.