2015-06-17 14:18:21

Artega returns and will visit the Motor Show in Frankfurt

Artega has been listed among the exhibitions on the official website of the Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Autovisie has officially announced the news. Artega’s revival is a pleasant surprise. The German automaker discontinued manufacturing in October three years ago after it had been acquired by Paragon AG. The IAA Internet resource uses a novel name for the sports car maker. It is "Artega GmbH & Co. KG". Though, the feature of the cars set for the exhibition has not been revealed yet.

There is a possibility that the company will show the Artega GT designed by Henrick Fisker. This vehicle is equipped with a 3.6-litre six-cylinder engine which generates 300 hp (or 220 kW). The power goes to the back wheels through a 6-speed DSG. The car’s weight is 2,832 lbs (or 1,285 kg). It can reach 0-62 mph (or 100 km/h) in 4.8 seconds. The model’s top speed is 168 mph (or 270 km/h).

We bumped into three used Artega GTs on the company’s website. They are available in Macadamia Metallic, Viper Green and Flame Red. The cars cost €65,000, €57,500 and €68,000 respectively.