2017-09-26 12:48:53

Expect To See Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe In 2018

It was rumoured that the Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe will come out this year. Now it was reported that the unit will debut in the end of 2018.

The 2-door variant is based on the current Giulia sedan. It will be a rival to the BMW 4 Series and A5 from Audi. We are not sure if a high-performance Quadrigoglio will join the range to take on the popular M4 from BMW. The coupe variant will come out several years ahead of the Giulia sedan receives a refresh in 2020.

The revival of the unit in North America got a bumpy start as the Giulia launch delayed. The sporty 4C and 4C Spyder offerings should not receive significant changes until 2021. The innovated Stelvio crossover will not get a refresh till that time too.

Speaking of the flagship sedan, it should rival with the 5 Series from BMW. However, it has been delayed until 2021. Alfa Romeo is developing a large crossover to rival with the X5 from BMW and Q7 from Audi.