2016-06-20 14:36:14

A V6 Competitor for BMW 5 Series from Alfa Romeo

The first-ever SUV will be Alfa Romeo’s next try to invade the market.

The Italian automaker is also labouring at a serious competitor for E-Class from Mercedes-Benz, 5 Series from BMW and A6 from Audi. The technology officer at FCA is sure that the company will give investors a constant stream of innovated, fresh worldwide goods which can be marketed. In such a way Wester believes that it is going to be a fast sequence of scalable and relevant goods such as SUVs and saloons.

The latest car will be originated on the identical chassis as the Giulia sedan that was recently launched. The last one will reach the market in the second part of 2018. In such a way the sedans will have the identical engine range. There will be the 2.0-litre petro and 2.2-litre diesel engines as the main options. Wester stated that the petrol option possesses lots of tuning potential. So, we suppose it will have the excess of 250 hp.

2.9-litre biturbo engine of the Giulia QV will also eventually equip the new sedan placed at the top of the range. The automaker’s first V6 unit will come with the car. That will probably be a retuned variant of V6 diesel from Maserati.

The innovated sedan will state about electrified technologies at the company. The producer’s European chief says that the platform is constructed for supporting any kind of electrification. Actually, it is able to support everything staring from plug-in-hybrid and up to full electric. The considered architecture also supports semi-autonomous driving techs and all-wheel drive.