2014-07-07 11:00:09

Next Year's TLX from Acura to Cost Minimum $31,000

Next Year's TLX from Acura to Cost Minimum $31,000

2015 TLX will appear for sale in a month and it is already known that customers will have to pay at least $31,000 for it, plus almost $900 destination fee.

April release of the model was conducted under the promo of an original combination of sports saloon efficiency with premium classiness.

Standard offering encompasses a 2.4-litre V4 with 206 hp under the hood. More powerful six-cylinder offering can deliver 84 hp more, but its initial prices range from $35,000. In the former variant the customers will get a car with dual-clutch gearbox for eight speeds. The latter is made to contrast with its automatic transmission for nine speeds. 4x4 system can be chosen for more money.

Options on a standard vehicle embrace stylish lighting, camera instead of mirror for rear-view and button ignition. Apart from that Tech and Advance packages are available. They include an efficient infotainment unit, comfortable seats, LED lighting, navigation and a really loud audio unit. A lot of perks like parking, straight-driving and other cruise-control and safety options are thrown in.