2020-05-18 17:56:10

Acura completes sales of RLX sedan

Acura's North American line says goodbye to the large RLX sedan.

The car will leave the conveyor before the end of 2020, but in other countries, the vehicle sold with the Honda Legend name. The reason for the refusal is to strengthen the position of crucial cars, like RDX and MDX SUVs.

Sales of Acura RLX in the USA over the past years have sunk. For example, in 2013, the company sold more than 5,000 sedans, and in 2016 the figure was already 1,500 cars. For 2019, 1019 copies sold. It was such low rates that forced the company to say goodbye to this model.

By the way, the current version of Acura RLX sold in 2 versions.