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2019-11-12 18:13:45
New generation Skoda Octavia officially debuted

At an event in Prague, Skoda has unveiled the new, already fifth generation of the Octavia model.

2019-11-12 18:10:13
Ford admits Capri coupe revival

Ford representatives are considering a new small coupe. Novelty can provide a revived Capri name.

2019-11-11 18:24:25
Land Rover is preparing a completely new SUV

The British company is actively developing an utterly new cross-country Range Rover Crossover.

2019-11-11 18:24:24
Lexus announced the place where their first electric car debuts

In Guangzhou, at a local auto show, Lexus presents the first commercial vehicle with an electric installation.

2019-11-08 16:24:07
Ford made a home from a pickup

The company Hellwig Products presented a "pickup truck for adventure," created on the Ford Ranger XLT 2019 basis. 

2019-11-08 16:19:48
Volkswagen wagon will be declassified in Los Angeles

Volkswagen showed design sketches of the latest electric station wagon, which is part of the “green" I.D. family.

2019-11-07 19:11:57
Mitsubishi showed new Mirage and Attrage in the first image

Mitsubishi has distributed a teaser of its future novelties

2019-11-07 18:41:29
Elon Musk announced the Tesla pickup debut date

The first electric pickup by Tesla Motors will have a debut on November 21

2019-11-06 18:20:46
Ford turns Mustang into a 900-horsepower electric car

Ford and Webasto have built a Mustang Lithium prototype with an electrical installation

2019-11-06 18:15:48
Hot Audi Q8 is now the fastest Nurburgring crossover (VIDEO)

The "charged" Audi RS Q8 was able to set a record for the "Northern loop" of the Nurburgring in the environment of commodity SUVs.

2019-11-05 19:01:56
A brand new SUV joined the Toyota ranks

In Japan starts sales of the latest Toyota Raize crossover.

2019-11-05 18:51:22
Infiniti plans to release five new products

Infiniti has planned five new cars by 2023

2019-11-04 17:16:15
Alfa Romeo will no longer produce a coupe

Alfa Romeo will soon remove two sports coupes from the lineup, which will be replaced by several SUVs

2019-11-04 17:09:52
Ford Bronco gets debut deadline

Ford has distributed a teaser for the novelty, which will be reborn with the Bronco name

2019-10-31 18:17:09
New Fisker SUV showed on the picture

Fisker showed the first official drawing of an electric Ocean SUV.

2019-10-31 14:03:06
Renault Arkana should appear in Europe in 2 years

Renault said that in 2021, sales of the Arkana coupe-crossover would begin in Europe.

2019-10-31 14:03:07
Renault will release a new sedan with less than 4 meters length

The Renault designers are planning to release a new sedan, whose length is 4 meters.

2019-10-30 18:58:22
New Nissan 370Z spotted at Nurburgring

The updated Nissan 370Z is being tested on the famous Nurburgring racetrack, which is popular with manufacturers.

2019-10-30 18:57:02
Fiat Chrysler confirms possible merger with Peugeot

FCA is negotiating a possible merger with the PSA Group, where brands like Peugeot and Citroen located

2019-10-30 16:07:07
The new Skoda coupe-crossover declasified

In the Chinese edition of AutoHome appeared the snapshot of the latest Skoda Kamiq GT coupe-crossover

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