Cars News Page 17

2020-10-14 12:31:48
Volvo switches to electric vehicles

Earlier, representatives of the brand said that by 2025, half of the Volvo coming cars would be on electricity

2020-10-14 12:31:48
The updated Honda Accord sedan debuted

Honda has unveiled an updated Accord sedan for the US. Here, the implementation of new items began on October 13

2020-10-13 19:25:11
Kia Stonic Sports SUV rides to conquer

The Kia Stonic GT Line version received only external changes, but inside it is still the same

2020-10-13 18:31:52
Hyundai Kona EV can be very dangerous

Hyundai begins repair work on the Kona EV, recalling the model

2020-10-12 20:17:02
Koenigsegg Jesko will get a "mythical" version

At the design studio, LMM Design showed renders of a unique variation of the Koenigsegg Jesko Hydra

2020-10-12 20:13:32
Nissan Magnite SUV will debut in a week

Nissan has scheduled the new Magnite compact crossover's official premiere on October 21, starting in 2021

2020-10-09 23:03:15
Suzuki Jimny will be 5-door next year

In a year, the popular compact SUV Suzuki Jimny will receive a 5-door design

2020-10-08 22:21:30
Mazda returns cars with rotary engines

The Japanese brand will be selling cars with rotary power units in 2022, which will be part of a hybrid installation

2020-10-07 23:43:49
Development of a new sports car from Lotus has starts

The British government will sponsor the project, according to which Lotus will create an entirely new platform for the sports electric car

2020-10-07 18:24:30
New Skoda Fabia undergoes tests in the body of the Volkswagen Polo

Skoda is actively testing the new generation Skoda Fabia on the road. The famous Czech car still has a Volkswagen Polo body

2020-10-06 21:58:27
Jaguar XF, with updates, got two large displays in the cabin

Jaguar has unveiled the updated XF 2021 sedan. The car received a different exterior, improved engines, and a significantly modified IRS

2020-10-05 21:25:03
Renault's new electric crossover will debut soon

Renault unveils the latest electric crossover at the eWays online event. The event will take place between October 15-26

2020-10-05 17:37:58
New Subaru BRZ photo revealed

The new generation of Subaru BRZ appeared in the first photo

2020-10-02 18:59:29
Volkswagen Jetta will get a new 1.5-liter turbo engine

The Jetta sedan will soon receive a brand new 1.5-liter turbo engine, which will first appear on the Taos crossover

2020-09-30 21:02:57
Mercedes-Benz E-Class debuted in an extended version

Mercedes-Benz has revealed an extended wheelbase version of the updated E-Class sedan

2020-09-30 21:02:57
The new Audi A3 Sportback became a hybrid

Audi is changing its lineup with the latest Audi A3 Sportback40 TFSI e. The start of sales of new items will begin very soon

2020-09-30 21:02:57
Dacia introduced the new generation Logan and Sandero

The new generation Logan and Sandero vehicles will hit the European market under the Dacia brand at the end of 2020

2020-09-29 22:53:47
Citroen Jumper has found a retro body

Independent designers Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer designed the Citroen Jumper back in 2017 to celebrate the van's 70th anniversary

2020-09-29 17:56:12
Genesis showed on the photo of a rival for the BMW X3

Hyundai's Genesis brand has revealed the first photos of the compact GV70 crossover, which will rival the BMW X3

2020-09-29 17:56:11
Buick Electra SUV has a "space" design

The Auto China 2020 Auto Show marks the debut of the Buick Electra concept car